Kantha Quilt no. 3


  • Kit + Loom. Kantha Quilt no. 3.
  • Kantha Quilt from Kit + Loom. Vintage. Throw.
  • Kit + Loom. Kantha Quilt no. 3 reversible second side view.
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Island vibes...a relaxed pinky floral or a multicolour patchwork to carry you through the week, or a slightly muted southwest vibe on the back. Change it up!  Perfect in a bedroom folded at the end of a bed, draped over a sofa, or tucked into the nook of your favourite reading chair.  Made from one-of-a-kind vintage cotton sari fabric with hand-stitched detail, this handmade quilt will be the jewel of the room!

Colour/Pattern: pinks, yellow, navy floral (side 1), neutral-ish patchwork with taupe, sage, mauve (side 2)
Approximate Size:  56 x 84 inches, or  214 x 142 cm (+/- 2 cm)
Material: vintage recycled Indian cotton sari material, pom pom fringe, cotton thread


These quilts are vintage products made of real sari fabric so sizes are approximate, and quilts may have patchwork areas where more than one sari is stitched together.  We believe this enhances the beauty of these unique throws.  Feel free to email with any questions kitandloom@gmail.com!

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