"Nellie" - Turkish Rug


  • Turkish Rug or saddlebag. Vintage. Boho look.
  • Full view of 100% wool vintage turkish rug or saddlebag.
  • Back view of handwoven turkish rug or saddle bag.
  • Pink, purple, orange and blue. Vintage Turkish rug.

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A beautiful 100% wool, handwoven turkish rug or saddle bag that will add texture and depth to your space. This vintage piece has a boho look and can be styled as a rug, wall-hanging,  or draped over the side of a chair or ladder for a pop of colour.  Great in a kids' room to hold books!  A truly versatile piece of handmade art.


Colour: pink, purple, orange, blue
Size: 4'2" x 1'6" or 127cm x 45cm (+/- 2 cm)
Materials: made of 100% wool 
Pile: none (woven)

Please note - this item has flat pockets and a middle opening, but does lay flat.  It has been professionally cleaned and is ready to use.

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